Welcome to "The Original Changeable Basket" - FAQ

Most commonly asked questions...


What size is the basket and what is it made of?

The basket is approximately 15 1/2 X 15 1/2 X 1 1/4. Both the clips and basket are made of wood.

How do the clips attach to the basket?

Every clip has a clothespin glued on the back with exterior glue.

How does the basket hang?

The basket hangs from the handle either on a nail or an over-the-door wreath hanger. A wreath magnet will also work on metal doors. Note: Poster tack on the bottom 2 corners of the back of the basket will keep it from moving .

Should I spray this to make it last longer?

All pieces are already prepared for outdoor use. Re- spraying may cause some of the artwork or names to run.

Do I have to take the basket as seen in the display photo?

No, you may mix and match as you please to make the basket suit your own personal taste.

How much writing will fit on the basket and sign?

I can usually fit any name on the basket or sign. As far as other sayings go keep in mind that saying "Less is More". A lot of lettering on the basket is distracting from the overall look.

What about that apostrophe? Let me use the name Smith.

The Smiths Plural, meaning more than one Smith lives there.
The Smith's Possessive, meaning or implying ownership, such as The Smith's house.
Then, of course, a name ending in the letter "S", such as Harris, just add an apostrophe. The Harris' .
Please do not write to me if you are an English major. After many years of personalizing I can tell you that people of all educational backgrounds do not agree on this subject. It usually comes down to what people like to see, so my final word on the subject is something my sister always says... "You pay...You say". I will write what you tell me.